Building Legends Podcast Ep 2

Building Legends Podcast Ep 2

Disclaimer: Once again, this was taken directly from a spoken podcast. I understand I have terrible Grammer and I am all over the place, but it is the way I talk, working on getting better everytime. Appreciate you being here!

 What's up guys. Once again this is Ryan with the Building Legends Podcast. I hope you got a little bit of what we're about in the first podcast, before I jump in on this one and do my little spiel because I'm trying to, you know, fund this little project I got going. If you shop at Amazon or please go to www.building and click on the banners that we'll take you to the same website where you can shop just the same as normal. Throws's a little bit back on my end and it doesn't cost you a dime more so it is helping me out if you like the show. Easy enough. I would appreciate it SO SO MUCH. Also if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook I throw you deals from anything I can find trying to find you guys deals because I like deals. You like deals. So that's what I'm going to do for you. If you've been watching the Web site I put up an article, now it's probably a week or two ago called Embrace the Chaos and I was just discussing this with somebody it so made me think why not do a little revisit and talk to you about it. So what I meant by embrace the chaos and what that article is about is mainly about what I found in myself once I started venturing into fear. When I was when I was younger I would be afraid of something and I would be afraid I was going to get hurt or I would just stop dead in my tracks. It wasn't a fun experience and it actually hindered me from doing a lot of things. I had friends that were way better things than me because I was just afraid to try them on you. You did not want to push yourself if you succumb to fear, I mean you don't want to do that. So as I got older I started doing more and more things and kind of pushing the envelope a little bit. And after reading a lot of philosophy and listening to other people, you kind of realize that fear is all in your head it's all mental. It doesn't need to stop you. Fear doesn't hurt you. What happens if you ignore me or might hurt you. But usually it's a lot less worse than you think. So I really found this in diving because I started freediving, it started out as snorkeling but I loved the ocean. I love being in the ocean. I love being in the ocean more then I like being on the ocean. So the first time I went snorkeling I jumped in the water and having the mask on my face, this is actually really common, I started to hyperventilate. I freak out. It wasn't fun for me and it didn't help the fact that I was in Mexico and I mean you couldn't see your hand in funny face. So I started freaking out. I mean everybody things like what about sharks what about you know fish that can bite you. What about jelly fish. It starts to freak you out. 

And then the second time I went, because I blamed that all on the visibility. So the second something when I jumped in the water no thought about in my head but the same thing happened, I start freaking out. I mean this water I was in Greece which beautiful. If you ever want to go scuba or you ever want to go snorkeling. I mean the water is just crystal blue clear. Amazing. So I'm in Greece and I'm freaking out and I don't know why. And part of me just realized it's all in my head and you need to get over this. And so I did. And we had a phenomenal time. There is some videos I may throw up of me and my brother out just kind of diving around off of the sailboat. It wasn't anything crazy and I don't see a problem doing it for anybody. So then I started diving in northern California where I live and that's a whole different story. Any of you who dive here know what I'm talking about. But for those of you who don't the water is typically 50 degrees. It can vary from zero to, I've been out in 25-30 feet of this but, most the time it's around two three feet. It's not very good. And there's kelp which freaks people out there's seals which freaks people out. There's a lot of great white sharks, which you don't see because you're up in the rocks and you're using it out there, but it freaks people out. You know you hear about that all the time and you talk to anybody "Like I'm not going in the ocean because I don't get eaten by a shark." First off I know this doesn't help really anybody get over their fear of it. But only five people per year get bitten by a shark or I guess die by a shark. If you think you're so special that you're going to get eaten then yeah I guess stay on land. But for me I'm not special. So I think I have a swimmer's chance in just not getting eaten by a shark. So you've to come over that fear before you ever get in the water. But after being out, same thing got in the water started hyperventilate, I mean you can't you can breathe on your snorkel but your regular deep breaths are not really clickable at that point. So that calming thing is gone it's only your mind that's going to calm you out there. 

I dove once it was a great experience had no problems helping me get over that fear, the second time I went out we looked at the water and use you want to dive in about one to three feet, You want that skin dive or a free dive see if to resurface all the time, in one to three feet of waves. That's it. This time it was about four to six some varying around eight. So we shouldn't have gone out. I mean it wasn't a good idea to go out but I relied on people who knew what they were doing. They said "You're going to be fine, we'll go out if anything we will come back in." We weren't that far off shore maybe 30 feet. So we paddle out and do these questionable conditions. And like I said I was we I was supported by people who knew what they were doing and it wasn't too crazy, I mean nobody died, but there was a point where a couple eight foot waves came in and those are the type of things freak you out because you don't get to control yourself. Anyone who's been out in the ocean, I don't care if you're five feet under, I don't care if you're 15 feet under, an eight foot wave going over your head in the breaks is going to pull you and push you around a little bit. So there were people out there who freaked out and I was actually upside down at that point I was reaching down to see if I could get an abalone. And what happened was, is the water at the top of the of the ocean is moving faster then at the bottom. So it basically grabs you by your feet and rips you from whatever you're doing.

 And that set of panic came back in. Started freaking out and then I just took a mental deep breath because the one thing I do remember is once you start freaking out your heart rate goes up.

Happen when your heart rate goes up your blood starts going faster because your heart's pumping so that is using more oxygen, if you want to stay underwater longer, if you have to stay underwater longer, The best thing you can do is stay calm. And so it was kind of when I was forced things but it ended up working out in an amazing way that I could never ever imagine. It was the closest thing I can ever compare to somebody saying they are in a state of Zen because all of a sudden I stopped caring. And I didn't need to breathe. I mean I needed to. Don't take it that way because some people will. But my body wasn't saying hey you need to breathe. 

] It was just like dude you're fine chill. Do whatever you need to do. So I hung out there and finally looked up swam towards the top took a breath and watched everybody scramble for their gear and swam back in because as much as I like facing fear, I'm not stupid, I'm not going to put myself in the way of danger any more and I have to. So that kind of broke my fear wall or at least lowered it. I mean there are times where I hit that wall and instead of it being a complete roadblock, I can get over it, I can jump and just get over the top of it. It's still an effort but what happened after that it was kind of addicting, like you would find something you know that kind of scares me and you build up that courage to just do it and just get past it. And I don't know if that makes you an adrenaline junkie because it's not really that, I'm not looking for that rush, I'm just kind of looking for the opportunity to push myself beyond what I thought I could do and what I thought is possible and it led me down this road of just embracing life, whatever it throws at you. embracing hard work, embracing failure, embracing whatever you need to do to make life easier! It makes life so much easier, if you're freaking out, you just relax. So much easier! I mean it's just that simple. It really is, you kind of just slide through it. And it also calms you down. I mean if you're in a stressful situation someone screaming at you if you think you're about to get into a fight which, don't do that, but if you think you're about to what would you rather do would you rather be upset and not thinking straight. Or would you rather be calm and thinking through while the other idiot who's screaming at you is upset. If you get you know buried or something crazy happens to you what. What do you want you want to freak out and lose more oxygen, lose more train of thought or do you want to have that moment that you just relax and then figure a way out or do you want to freak out and die where you are? [2:01.4]

 That is a total real scenario that if you have the time to think in the time and the collective mind to get yourself in a situation it literally can save your life and not only that the more you do that kind of stuff the easier life gets. It just does. Things like people screaming at you don't matter, your boss being nice to you doesn't matter, Something happening, Breaking, Doing whatever, Take that deep calm collective moment and it doesn't matter. It's just another thing for you to build your mental strength on and that's all it matters is building up your mindset to get past certain things that you want to achieve in your life. There may be something that you're afraid of and then all of the sudden that becomes something. Maybe in business or maybe you're in a crappy position with a crappy person and you don't want to be in her anymore. But you're afraid you'll lose something or you're afraid that somebody is going to be negative or it's going to have a negative impact. You kind of just take that deep breath. Think about it. And if you really want to get out of it get past it. Get over that firewall. It happens, I mean it's just a simple too as like going to the gym, a lot of people don't. I was just talking about somebody who is not in the greatest of shape and they're kind of freaked out all the time about everything and they're constantly stressing and they're not really in a happy state of mind. And we're talking about the fact that if they had just gone to the gym, lifting weights and breaking a sweat and pushing yourself, one more set, you can do this. Just keep going, keep going, keep going even when you're tired. Even when your stomach hurts, you have a headache, whatever you get past it, push yourself past it. Things in life just the easier, little things things that scare you, things that annoy you, it just doesn't matter because you know, "That's not a big deal. I can get past that." and that's what I'm going to try to push you guys to do through my articles and through my podcast is achieve things that you never thought were possible. And whether that's in business or just in life in your relationships whatever you want to do achieve greatness in yourself. 

] I have a saying and people think it's very self-deprecating but it's not at all. I say "You are meant to be greater than you ever will become.", and that's not self deprecating I mean you could say to someone they'd be like "Wow, thanks asshole." That's not what I'm doing. I am saying that you're your potential is limitless. 

 You were meant to be a god. You were meant to be a legend and you're holding yourself back by saying you're not. Anybody who says man I'm not supposed to be great. I'm just a normal average person. You are a normal average person but every single one of us has greatness in them and you can push for that. The only thing blocking you one of the major roadblocks is fear. It's not money. It's not other people. All that stuff is surpassable. It's fear it's making that next move, it's pushing yourself forward. And I'm telling you the best way to get past that, is to put yourself in some sketchy situations. Not anything that is going to hurt you! Disclaimer do not do anything that's going to hurt you, don't go jumping off a five story building, but go to the pool and if you're scared of heights go to the high dive and jump into the pool. Just feet first just drop off there jump in the pool. I promise you a million people do it. You're not going to get hurt. That's the step one you're getting over that and dropping and knowing that when after you've hit the bottom, you're fine. Maybe you do it again. Maybe it's something that you really really like. And then all of a sudden you've pushed yourself past this fear wall that was there for no reason. It was an irrational fear of something completely safe that you just conjured up in your head whether you know with people like I said people who are afraid of sharks. 

 If you go online you can watch videos of guys swimming with great whites. You can find videos of people holding on the fins of bull sharks, people swimming with hammerheads. They're not there to eat you. Yes there are. There's five people a year who get eaten. FIVE. You're not one in five. I'm just pretty much guarantee you that if you are.

 I was telling my brother and he thought I was out of my mind, I said "I want to be one of those people that if you are in a situation where you knew death was imminent, drive your car off a 100 foot cliff. You know you're not coming out of that. You hear everybody in the movies where they get thrown off the cliff and you know they you hear him yell all the way on the bottom, I want to be the guy who is just silent, Just OK." Not the fact that I want to die, But the fact that if if that's what's coming at me in my mind it's better to be OK with it and have a mental sense of clarity and just "Hey man, this is what it is and I need to get I need to get on with it." I mean what else what else is there to overcome. 

If you could be mentally ok with dying and even if you just tell yourself that I mean there's no way to test it until you die, But if you could just focus on that, Just I want to be OK with whatever comes my way. What could what can stop you? 

So it's just very easy as if you're out of the water you can breathe if you're in the water you can just relax and clear just clear your mind. And if you need help with that there's tons of books. I mean people practicing yoga, I personally don't believe in like a force a state of clarity like that, People say that yoga kind of reaches the Zen moments and all this stuff. I don't really subscribe to that because I've never gotten there myself, I've done yoga. I've worked out vigorously I've run long, long things and the closest that I've had and that was and you'll read my article is I kickbox, and I'm terrible at it, but I kickboxing fighters. And when you get punched in the face at least my reaction is "Hey, I don't want to get punched in the face anymore, run!" and if you can face that! I got kneed in the face the other night and everything in me went 'Hey Dude, you just got kneed in the face, take off. Get out of here. Tell them to stop. Just stop it." And he looks at me he goes "You alright?" I looked him in the face and I said "Yea man, lets go." And we went back. We weren't trying to hurt each other. I'm not with somebody who's trying to kill me, but things like that happen and it just you know I was in pain, I'm not the toughest guy in the world I'm not a UFC fighter. I was in pain and it's just that second of "Dude, you're going to be fine, just go. You have a minute and a half left in this round then you can complain, then you can sit down, then you can do whatever you want but you need to finish out this minute and a half." and just taking those little steps. I mean for some people that's nothing. Some people get kicked in the face, punched in the face for a living. Some people like it. You're weird but Ok cool, Good for you. I wish I liked it because then I'd actually be good at fighting. But once you get past it, the things that you don't like and the hardships in life and you overcome that fear wall and you can hurdle that fear walk when ever comes in front of you. It just makes life better. And you don't have to take my word for it. There's a million other people who will tell you that. But I promise you if you just practice on whenever you get upset or when you get worried whenever something happens it's just "I am going to be OK." That's all you've got to tell yourself everything's going to be fine and eventually you'll get no mind powers way greater than paint. I actually dare you if next time you get hurt, Ignore it tell yourself "It doesn't hurt. That doesn't hurt. No." Don't acknowledge the pain, push the pain away. And I do it all the time. It works.

 If you don't acknowledge something that's coming towards you or something that hurts. For the most part not talking about like broken bones and things like that, I'm talking about if you slam your hand in door, something simple you know not life threatening or altering, You can kind of just push it away and it's a great thing So focus on your own mind power. And that is the first step in my mind to success, to becoming something beyond what you are now because you're limitless once you get to that point, you are literally, completely and unretained, unleashed, just there's nothing that can stop you because you know how to get past it.

So I hope this was helpful for you guys once again go to This will be transcribed. And it will be just written out for everybody so I mean if you've got somebody who can't listen, if you got deaf people and they want to read it, great. If you've got blind people show them it because that would really appreciate, I mean they can listen to it. So that's awesome. There'll be a video or a soundcloud link above it with this on it and then it will all be transcribed below. There is no products in today's podcast so there's no links. But below once again Amazon, Onnit, if you shop there or if you want to check them out, just click on the links, buy there it throws me a little bit. I can continue doing this for you guys and I'm going to go into a lot of things. Reviews of products, different stories, different people, interesting people and the one thing I do want to cover I don't want to backtrack on myself too much but in that first podcast I said that we weren't going to be pushing for success in the sense of becoming rich. I'm not saying that I don't want to become rich. Money would be great but I there's a lot of podcasts out there that are tricks of Wall Street business or billionaires and people who want to just focus on the money and that's not what life's about. I've watched a million people focus on money end up with none, end up with nobody. My focus is on making life as great as it can be and having as many friends as possible and doing as many fun things as you can. I'd rather die completely broke with a million stories in my pocket and my grandson trying to get every single one out of me because they were so cool and I live such an interesting life and he can just learn everything from me. That sounds amazing. I do not need to be able to write a million dollar check when I die. I want my last check to bounce. So that's what we're going to focus on is just having fun and maybe you know success can also be different things like success can be snowboarding for six months or success can be getting away and not having to work in an office and just creating a life of peace and serenity and doing things that you want to do having hobbies and not being withheld by the 9:00 to 5:00. Maybe its having a 9:00 to 5:00 and having a bunch of hobbies. Maybe it's just getting past the fact that you have a 9:00 to 5:00, working when you have to and having a great life outside of it. That's what we want to do too. We're not pushing for this extreme success but just mental success and happiness. And then also show you some cool stuff and fun things we like to do, maybe introduce you to a new hobby. We have a lot of people that I love and we're going to be doing things from kickboxing to shooting, to cooking, weightlifting, snowboarding, wakeboarding. All this fun stuff that maybe you didn't even know you could try or didn't know was out there and now you want to try. So my hope for you is you come out of this with a little piece of something better in your life. That would make me the richest man in the world. So once again please visit the site if you like anything please share it. Show your friends. Until next time. Stay sketchy 


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